The Design and Function Raito

Design and function are the 2 most important factors associated with any product.

(Design) 99:1 (Function)

If a designer creates a product that has strong design qualities but low function qualities – the product is useless.

(Design) 1:99 (Function)

If a designer creates a product that has low design qualities but high function qualities – the product is ugly.

Striking It Right With The Best Design To Function Ratio (Design)1:1(Function) Is Important

Design doesn’t have to be ugly to be functional and functional products can be well designed. The mix of these two factors enviably determine the performance of a product regardless of its type.

Great By Choice

Great products are remembered for all the right reasons, and it’s very rare that a great product functions poorly and looks terrible. Human beings are naturally attracted to items that are comfortable, easy to use, safe and add value to their everyday lives.

The Promotion Task

Having a good product is one thing, but having a good product that nobody knows about is another. For most inventors the product promotion task to the most challenging hurdle in their business. The secret to the success of a good product is good marketing. It’s often the case that a lot of first time makers/craftspeople/inventors expend nearly all their budget into creating the perfect product, leaving very little for arguably the critical phase of a commercial project… the marketing.

If People Don’t Know About It… People Wont Buy It

A good product needs a solid brand identity. Once this has been established, makers might want to have a website built to sell their product or leaflets, posters or Barracuda displays showcasing their product for their shop or general distribution to customers.

Allocating a print and advertising budget is crucial to getting the right collateral together to market. Entrepreneur inventors have lots of avenues to promote their product:

What’s Marketing Route Is The Right Way?

The truth is, most marketing strategies are different. There isn’t 1 given blue print for marketing that works for all businesses and products. It’s up to the business owner to strategise a marketing route and go with it, adapt if necessary and do everything they can to win new business by selling their good product.

The Key To Success

Successful promotion takes time, a lot of energy and money. If a product isn’t successfully promoted, it probably will not sell in volume – which is the difference between being an inventor part time and an inventor full time.